Part no Nos of poles Nos of phases Rated voltage Rated speed Cont.stall torque Rated torque Rated power Peak torque Peak Current Motor length
246 8 3 24VDC 4600RPM 96g.cm 80g.cm 3.8W 210g.cm 1.1A 45mm
235 8 3 24VDC 3500RPM 264g.cm 220g.cm 8.0W 500g.cm 1.5A 68mm



Wiring details
Lead color Lead Gauge Function Remark
Blue Ul1007 28AWG Vcc Hall sensore input Power
Red Ul1007 28AWG HALL A  
Yellow Ul1007 28AWG HALL B  
Brown Ul1007 28AWG HALL C  
Green Ul1007 28AWG GND  
Red Ul1007 26AWG Phase U  
Brown Ul1007 26AWG Phase V  
Black Ul1007 26AWG Phase W  


Mechanical details
Windig type Star
Hall effect angel 120 degree electrical angel
Shaft run out 0.025mm
Radial play 0.02mm@450g
End play 0.08mm@450g
Max.radial force 10N@10mm from the flange
Max.axial force 2N
Insulation class ClassB
Dielectric strength 500VDC for one mintue
Insulation resistance 100M ohms Min.,500VDC



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